The Best Way to Label Boxes when Moving

What is the Best Way to Label Boxes when Moving My Household?

Moving is exciting, time consuming and tops the list of life’s stressful events.  Packing is perhaps the most time-consuming task when moving.  If packing on your own, avoiding mistakes is critical. Proper organization will result in a successful move.  Even minor details, such as labeling boxes can make a difference in your moving experience.  There are no rules on how to properly label boxes when you are moving. However, effectively labeled boxes will not only help movers when they transport and unload your belongings, it will also save you hours of precious time and needless frustration. A moving truck full of unlabeled boxes will be a nightmare when you arrive at your new home, so taking the time to label boxes is critical.  So, what is best way to label boxes when you are moving your household?

Number Each Box– Give each box a number (1 of 30, 2 of 30).  When you arrive at your new destination, it will be easy to see if a box got lost during the relocation

Use Color Markers– Use a different color marker to represent each room in your home.  Blue for bathroom, Orange for family room, Pink for child’s room, etc. This will let movers know which room the box belongs in at your new destination.

Prioritize Your Boxes– Now that you know all boxes are accounted for and where they belong, what do you unpack first?  If you prioritize each box you will know which boxes to unpack first.

    • Write High or H on boxes that need to be opened immediately
    • Medium or M on boxes that can be unpacked later
    • Low or L on boxes that can stay packed for a while

In addition to prioritizing each box, you may want to mark each box with information that will help you identify what is in the box by listing some of the contents (dishes, glasses, flatware)

Identify Fragile Boxes– Label boxes that need special handling instructions, such as fragile, handle with care or this side up.

Create an Inventory Sheet – This may make you cringe, but when the move is complete you can go through your list and ensure that every box is accounted for. This will be useful if a box is missing or damaged and a dispute arises.

Following the Best Way to Label Boxes when Moving will Save you Time and Needless Stress!

Moving is a stressful process, there is no reason to add to it!  Following the steps above will help ensure your belongings make it to their new destination and get placed in the correct spot for easier unpacking. If you are planning a move, contact us for a free estimate.  Locally owned and operated since 1982, we have successfully moved thousands of families.  Our team has extensive training in executing safe and effective moves treating your belongings with the care and attention they deserve. Our residential customers rely on the skill and expertise of Frank and Sons to pack, transport, and store even the most priceless antiques, artwork, and fragile pieces. As an agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving, we have the resources to take you anywhere. Our services include: