Long distance moves often prove to be one of the top stressors in life.  Whether your reason for moving is a new job, retirement, to be near family or to have a change of scenery, it is natural to feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  When you are moving yourself and your family to a new state or city, the notion that something could go wrong during your relocation is enough to alarm anyone and send you into a panic state.  You can make your moving experience less nerve racking and more enjoyable.  Here are some of the best tips for long distance moving that will help ease the stress associated with moving.

Begin the Moving Process Early

The earlier you begin, the better off you are.  Long distance moves require keeping track of many moving parts from coordinating dates for utilities and travel to researching moving companies and packing.  Creating a schedule and plan will ensure you remain in control and keep your move on track.

Research Moving Companies

Choosing a moving company is a major decision and one that should not be taken lightly.  Not all moving companies are created equally. Finding an entrusted professional moving company can seem overwhelming. But doing a little research will be well worth it. With millions of moves every year it’s a miracle that most of them go smoothly, with no issues whatsoever. But even with so many smooth moves, scams or shoddy practices do occur. It’s in your best interest to be informed about every step in the process. Hiring a quality professional mover is a must.   Find out how long the company has been in business, look at the company’s reviews and rating with the Better Business Bureau.   You want one that’s been around a while, ideally 10 or more years with positive reviews and a high rating with the BBB.   Get moving estimates through walk throughs, review the estimates, compare the estimates.  Ensure that the company your hire has the proper insurance and licensing to move you legally.

Purge Before Your Move

There is nothing worse than moving items that you don’t need or won’t use.  In the case of long distance moves, the cost of the move is going to be contingent on the weight of the items being shipped.  The more items you ship, the more your move will cost. When going through your belongings ask yourself:

  • Have I used this in the last year?
  • Would I buy this item now?
  • Do I have a comparable item that serves the same purpose?
  • Will this fit in my new living space?
  • Do I need this?
  • Why do I have this?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions above, it’s time to say good bye and decide whether to sell, donate or toss the item. Remember the goal is to declutter and purge the items you no longer need or use.   Place them into piles of “Keep”, “Sell” and “Donate”.  Make sure that the articles you decide to keep you really want and need.

Hire a professional packer

Do you hire professional packers, or should you pack your property on your own?  The choice to either pack yourself or employ a professional mover to pack is a question that most will debate when planning a long distance move. Packing up an entire household is time consuming and stressful. Some of the advantages of hiring professionals to pack for you include:

  • Packing is time consuming, tedious and very stressful. Leaving the packing to professionals will save you days if not weeks of time that you would have spent packing your property.
  • Your property is relocated safely and securely – No one wants to arrive at their new home and find damaged items. Professional packers know exactly how to pack everything in your home.  They have the experience, skill and methods to correctly pack property preventing breakage, damage and loss.
  • It is easy to miscalculate the amount of supplies you will need. Professional packers have a full inventory of packing materials and know precisely what supplies are needed to ensure your home is packed correctly and safely.
  • Professionally packed items come with liability insurance. You can relax knowing your treasured belongings are covered.  If you pack on your own, the movers your hire are not liable for boxes they did not pack.

Since 1982, homeowners have entrusted Frank and Sons Moving and Storage to safely transport their possessions.  As an agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving we have national and world-wide resources you can depend on.  At Frank and Sons, we will collaborate with you to come up with a cost-effective transportation strategy utilizing state of the art technology and highly skilled staff for you long distance move. Contact us today!