5 Steps to Prepare for Your Office Move/Relocation that Will Save You Time & Money

Office moves/relocation’s can be extremely stressful and cause an enormous amount of unnecessary down time and productivity that can be easily prevented with a little preparation, organization and work on the front end. Being a little proactive can save mountains of work for you and your employs later, not to mention the impact it can have on your customers. The following 5 office relocation tips will save you time and money.

Save Time, Productivity and Money with These Simple Tips:

  • Desks, Credenzas and Furniture should be emptied to prevent breakage and lost items. Label boxes for items to match with specific office furniture being moved including its new office location (room destination).
  • Labeling all Furniture, Boxes, Cartons, Fixtures is strongly encouraged with both name and new room location.
  • Lateral Files Cabinets with 3 or more drawers high must be emptied into file boxes, label file boxes with name and new room location so file boxes can be relocated next to empty file cabinets in new location.
  • All Computers, Printers, Copiers or Electronic Equipment being moved must be disconnected by the customer or customer representative and secured for transportation. If any equipment is leased, generally the leasing company will want to relocate their equipment themselves, so coordinating move dates with them is important.
  • All other Furniture, Fixtures, Wall Hangings should be marked with where they go in your new location (foyer, reception area, break room, etc.). A diagram of the new office with room numbers/names indicating who and what goes where in the new space would be extremely helpful and is highly recommended. A move coordinator at origin and destination to assist in proper placement of furniture and items is also highly recommended.

Open your doors on time or ahead of schedule!  Reduce your downtime and increase your productivity!

A Simple Checklist will Help Ensure a Smooth Move!

  • Desk, Credenza, Furniture Empty?
  • Supply Cabinets Cleared?
  • File Drawers Locked?
  • Wall Items Taken Down?
  • Breakable Items Properly Packed?
  • Equipment & Machines Disconnected & Drained of Liquids?
  • “Do Not Move” Tags on Items Not to Move?
  • Everything Tagged Numbered/Marked?

Open Your Doors ON Time ON Budget or Ahead of Schedule!

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