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Avoid Moving Scams in Southwest Florida

The Florida real estate market is red-hot. In fact, over the past two years, the market has exploded. This has been largely attributed to pandemic homebuyers from out-of-state. Regardless of the reasons people are moving, an increase in home sales creates more demand for movers. Along with increased mover demand, comes an increase in moving scams. As a result, the Florida Attorney General issued a consumer alert. This alert specifically focuses on moving scams, and the potential for them to increase. By and large, when the demand for moving services peaks, folks get desperate. This is when scammers are most active. However, there are clear signs that you are in touch with a scammer. Understanding these signs will help you avoid moving scams.

What Are the Most Common Moving Scams and How Can You Avoid Them?


Asking for Cash Before Your Move

First, reputable movers will NOT ask for cash before your move. Moreover, they will not ask for large upfront payments. Generally speaking, movers are paid when your belongings are in your new home. If you pay upfront, you have no control over when and if your possessions are delivered. In fact, scammers will take your money, and not complete the move. Sometimes, they will even steal your possessions.

Low Moving Quote

If your quote appears to good to be true, it probably is. In short, getting super low quotes is a clear indicator of a bait and switch. The bait and switch scam is when you get a low quote, and upon delivery, the company demands a large sum of money. In some cases, the movers will hold your belongings hostage if you don’t pay.

Giving a Quote Over the Phone

In most cases, it is exceedingly difficult to give an accurate moving estimate over the phone. In fact, this is red flag. There is no clear way for a mover to understand how much your belongings will weigh, or how much room they will take up in a truck without a visual inspection. Consequently, if you come across a mover that does this, watch out.

Asking you to Sign a Blank Contract

If a mover asks you to sign a blank contract, watch out. In fact, don’t sign partial contracts either. Keep in mind that moving contracts include all the details of your transaction. This includes pricing, moving dates, and more. If any information is missing, don’t sign it. After all, you don’t’ want to be overcharged, or have any other problems.

How Do You Avoid Being the Victim of a Moving Scam?

  • First, get moving estimates and quotes in writing. Also, make sure the contract is binding.
  • Second, never sign a blank or incomplete document or contract.
  • Third, do NOT pay a mover in advance.
  • Fourth, only work with movers that offer in-home estimates.
  • Fifth, substantiate if the movers will be performing the entire move from start to completion. If they subcontract a portion of the move, find another mover.
  • Sixth, work with only legitimate, longstanding, local, and nationally affiliated carriers.
  • Seventh, beware of movers using rental trucks without uniformed agents and personal.
  • Eighth, do not work with any moving company that asks you to do any of the above.

You can avoid pain and anguish by researching moving companies. In general, there is an infinite amount of information online that will help you. Overall, you want to choose a legitimate professional moving company. By and large, legitimate companies will share the following:

  • Years of Service
  • National Affiliations
  • Reviews
  • Licensing
  • Address Information
  • And More


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