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What are the Red Flags that Indicate You May Be the Victim of a Moving Scam?

We have all heard of horror stories associated with moving.  Let’s face it, moving tops the list of stressful events.  This is painfully true if you are working with a fraudulent moving company. With over 35 million people in the United States moving annually it is a miracle that most of them go smoothly.  But even with so many smooth moves, unscrupulous movers do exist preying on individuals and families. Many of these companies will provide a service. Typically, unscrupulous movers will ask for payment up front, load your belongings onto a truck, and upon arrival to your destination demand additional fees.  If additional monies are not paid, your property could be left on the street or driven away and sold off. If you have started looking for movers, you have a lot of companies to choose from.  You want to make sure the choice you make is with reputable professionals, not scam artists.  There are numerous red flags that indicate a moving scam, below are the most common ones.

  • They do not answer the phone with a company name. Instead they answer with a nonspecific name such as Mover or Moving Company
  • They will not answer your questions. Reputable movers want your relocation to be as stress free as possible, but they also want you to be as informed as possible. If they will not answer questions, that is a problem.
  • They will not do an in home estimate – You want to get in-person estimates of how much your move will cost. A large component of the mover’s price is based on the weight of your belongings and the space your goods take up in the truck. If a company will not provide an in home estimate, move on.
  • They do not have their own trucks. This is a glaring red flag. All professional, reputable movers have their own trucks.  Individuals perpetrating scams do not own a fleet of moving trucks.  You do not want your property on an unmarked rental truck.
  • There is no address or pertinent information on their website.
  • They do not have a federal motor carrier number. All moving companies are required by law to have a federal motor carrier number.  If they do not have one, they are either not a moving company or not a legal moving company.
  • They ask for cash before the move
  • They ask you to sign blank documents
  • Their estimate is substantially lower than others
  • They will not put their estimate in writing
  • They will not give you a copy of the bill of lading
  • They do not provide an inventory form of what they are moving

Moving Scams Do Exist, Understanding the Red Flags that Indicate You May Be the Victim of a Moving Scam will Save you Time, Money, Frustration and More


Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Can Help

Moving is a stressful process, there is no reason to add to it! The best way to avoid becoming a victim of an unscrupulous mover is to be 100% sure the mover you hire is a reputable professional. If you are planning a move, contact us for a free in home estimate.  Locally owned and operated since 1982, we have successfully moved thousands homeowners and businesses.  Our team has extensive training in executing safe and effective moves treating your belongings with the care and attention they deserve. Our customers rely on the skill and expertise of Frank and Sons to pack, transport, and store even the most priceless antiques, artwork, and fragile pieces. As an agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving, we have the resources to take you anywhere. Our services include: